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to not disturb the eagles, or any other raptor or bird, the hide is equipped with gobi-swing, a unique wall support, that prevents that any of part of Your super tele lens moves outside the hide

there are 5 video heads (Gitzo 2380 or Manfrotto 501) with Foba/Acra-Swiss quick release

at photo hole 1, 2,3,4 & 5 the gobi-swing are "tele scopic" in two lenghts for  70-200mm – 300mm or 300mm – 500mm.

at the lower photo holes L1 & L2 there are gobi-swing floor for 300/400mm or 500/600/800mm

the uper photo hole s H1 & H2 are equipped with the new invented gobi-swing2, that are swingable both horizontally and vertically and still keep with  the horisont levelled. gobi-swing2 is developed to enable easy pannning for flying birds, as kites that are very common around the hide: – the uique construction exclude the video head! gobi-swing2 is also equpped with Foba/Acra-Swiss quick release.

gobi-swing2 can be used with 70-200mm or 300mm tele lenses


You are not supposed to use any tripod in the hide! :::  Göran Birgersson  :::  070 553 14 32 / 041 332 332  :::

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