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You should be inside the hide at least one hour before dawn – it is best to sleep in the hide: up to three persons can sleep in the hide – there are mattresses!

some raptors can be active more than an hour before sun rise during the winter, i.e. while it is still dark! IF an eagle is scared if will certainly not come back that day ...

DON'T LEAVE THE HIDE UNTIL IT IS ALL DARK AFTER DUSK! i.e. one hour after sun set – eagles can sleep within sight of the hide, and an eagle that has been scared by the hide will not come back during the rest of the season – PLEASE keep this in mind!

the hide is heated by a propane heater, but You must turn off the heater while sleeping, since carbon dioxide is produced, and might put You too deep into a sleep ...

there is a propane stove, with pots and a coffee pot, but You will have to bring Your own water and coffee ground / tea ...

if you want to use Your laptot or recharge the camera batteries, the hide is equipped with 12V, and in good 3G coverage

there is a rest room in the vestibule, where also backpacks etc. can be stored – inside the hide there are several hooks for outerwear, backpacks, photopacks etc., and a few shelfs

the hide is equipped with three comfortable and wheeled chairs, for a long day of sitting ...

the upper photo holes are used for photographying flying bird, as red kites, that are very common around the hide

in front of the hide there are some snags for sitting birds, to be photographied from the mid height photo holes

the lower photo holes are for birds on the ground, for photographying at eye level!

the windows are blackened  and covered with mosquito screening, to minimize the risk that movments inside the hide should be visible from the outside

NB all birds that visit the hide are wild ones, and therefore shy! – hold the trigger until they have calmed down, or even begin to eat. Just as they land, they are very easy to scare ...
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